Recharge, Guard and Celebrate

Takeing a brak can be just that, taking a break. But it doesn’t entail and deeper recharge that you may need. Life, this world, people, your everyday, can wear on you. Especially if you are blessed to have stressful career. Couple that with the unfortunate effects of our times and you have a person just wired to explode.

Leaving for a weekend to some peaceful existence, does help with your peace of mind for moment, but when its over is there something else that can be done, or what tools can you bring with you during your minor moment of brainpause. Well then you need to Recharge your soul.. Yes yours soul.

When I need alittle recharge, yea I get all “Naturallle” hahah but honestly, the first thing I do is mediate.

If you have meditated before its something that I think everyone should do. its a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally stable state (google definition)

I clear my mind and often envision, water, a lake ( I like water) and just go there for a moment and forgot about the world for a sec and just listen to my breaths and begin to absorb my gratefulness of life.

Prayer works!!!, if you are not a big prayer that’s okay, just take a moment and continue to be thankful for all that is. For the praying folks, and those that want to know. THe scripture I go to is:

For me: Galatians 5:22: John 16:33: John 3:16 and Roman 8:18

Find your happy place: If its in your mind, a place in the woods, a place by the lake, with someone you love, or by yourself. Find it and get there…Its where you need to be right now and where you will truly recharge!!!!

Guard your Joy!!!

YOu better!!

Guard your joy!

After you recharge there is joy afterwards, you feel happy you feel peaceful. You may have also experienced a great reward, found out some good news and just overall happy. Unfortunately watch who you give it to, because people may use it against you. I was very happy, and couldn’t wait to share something that I was really good and I shared it with someone who tore it to pieces. I felt defeated, saddened and unappreciated, all my recharge was depleted. So be careful who you tell.

If you don’t know who to tell just wait.. hold… don’t say anything. wait and see who wants to know why you are happy, the “evilones” will reveal themselves when asking you “what are you so happy about” Growl ( I think they growl too)


Yeahhhhhhh…….. Its your birthday (mine is this month) but yea celebrate all your wins, celebrate your joy, hell just celebrate to celebrate. What a world you create, when you are happy in it.

Just celebrate, your recharge, the joy in that is enough to celebrate about.

Take yourself or with friends out to eat: To a restaurant, you have always wanted to go or just to have fun.

Go on Vacation, Go on Staycation: Just enjoy and if you have to “Recharge again” you can do that as many times as you like.

For sanity, for health and just overall mindfulness please take a moment to recharge, until you build yourself and strengthen your spirit, always Guard and if nothing else you always make sure you Celebrate!!! and be with people that Celebrate you!!


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