Backsliding: The Beginning is not the End

Going back to square one in anything you do can be a difficult journey emotionally, mentally and spiritually. But we all go thru it. When you find yourself stuck or stumbling, falling down a hill that slaps you right back to where you started from, may be necessary because you turned in the wrong direction.

The Cause

The abrupt ending to a relationship, the ending of a job, a move to a new location, a birth, a death. Every one has that defining moment when everything moves in slow motion and you have to make a decision. Making the right decision and making the right choices are difficult and worse if you have people counting on you.

It doesn’t matter what happened, what matters is what you do now. Stay or Go, Fight or flight. Make a choice and move.. the Key to your new beginning is you

Nah…. I’m Good

I know you are tempted to stay where you are. There is comfort in dysfunction. “Why move?” you say to yourself “really its not that bad down here” My dreams are just dreams, i keep falling so it must not be meant to be” Look at you all in your all way. Maybe you keep falling because you never stand all the way up!!!

You are tempted to stay down there and not climb. If you don’t shake off the negativity the self-degradation and just stand, you will never see the light. Remember, there is a reason you decided to move and there is a reason you were delivered from that thing you just went back to.   Going backwards is just your steps being reordered, SAY IT!!! 10 times!!!

Looking Back?

You may have fallen because you keep looking back! “Its just too hard” you say to yourself “I cant make it, my finances are weak, my emotions are weak my spirit is weak there is no way I can make it”   Yes you can!!!, Moving is one step so keep going onto the next step and the next one. It looks easy for those that are at the top, but there is no easy button on the climb. You are going to get bumps and bruises, there will be issues with money, relationships and all may take a hit or two, but you will come out of it stronger and better.  You cannot move forward if you keep going back. If it’s a bad relationship how do you expect to get a better one if you stay with person that has given you so much pain. If its finances, how do you expect to get your money right, if you keep spending it on the same stuff over and over again without learning how to save!!! Learn and grow then rise and be victorious.

What does your heart say?

There is something in you, that pumps and beats and keeps you moving and going and living and loving. It will tell you when you are in the wrong place and living in the wrong space. It will slowly beat and not move with the same fire as it did as a child because there is no fire in you.

Your heart will tell you that you don’t love, that you don’t want.  You can slowly kill yourself by staying in the same place and a slow death is the worst, because you can see it coming and have all the time in the world to prevent it from happening.

Listen to your heart and hear it beat again. There is no comfort in just being, if that is not what you want. You do a disservice to yourself and the world when you don’t realize your dreams and aspirations and use those “god given” gifts to provide not just to yourself, but to inspire someone else.


Oh yeaaaa.. that’s my topic. LMAO!!!!  Step out on faith is always the statement, but what does that look like really?  What do you want? when do you want it? Why do you want it?… these are your first set of questions.

What do you want?: Define what you want, you want more money, be a singer, a dancer, a writer. Do you need training, a course, a class do you need to travel a bit? Is it money? Okay how much do you need, what’s the plan to make the money, save the money or get the money.

When do you want it?: Is it Time?  How do you want to receive or realize your gift and are you in position? Read “What do you want” again, are you in position to receive what you are asking for and what you want to do? make a plan, and lets set mini goals to achieve all the steps to your plan Lets look at where you have been and where you have come from and if you are still there in the same place plan of movement.

Why do you want it? To realize a dream, to live your best life, to help your family to save your family whatever the reason. Write it down!!! look at it everyday to remind yourself, why you are getting up and doing this unknown recklessness of love that you are attempting. Wake and walk into the bathroom and look at the sticky note, you wrote your passion on so you know why you are up so early.

You can do this!!!!. Youy may have to jump!!, RUN! FLY! and You are gonna hurt, there is gonna be pain, there will be sacrifice but you can do it!!!! Go and BE!!!


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