Growth: Up, Older and Mindset

Growth is a necessary part of any process, as you live and learn you will grow but depending on where you are mentally, spiritually and emotionally one could stifle a portion of growth thus hindering a part of the process. The good, the bad and the ugly can grow you. Its up to you in which direction or to absorb all of life’s challenges and looking upward and forward.

There are those that get older, and don’t grow up and those that don’t grow up but get older and each may lack a mindset of growth stagnating process and progress.

Growing up is change, what once triggered and enamored now has changed and your view, contemplation and comprehension has changed.

Growing older is actually time and what tine brings and what time looks like. Its having the ability of reflection and the opportunities and comprehension of change.

The Growth Mindset is having the ablitity to see beyond the now and look at the bigger picture of life and that your purpose is to achieve to work towards not against and to put a dent in your world.

Your Growth Upwards:

Growing Up is an exploration of self. Its when you used to cower in the corner and now you rise to the occasion. When you fear hearing the words and now you relish in them. Its when people used to tell you who you are, but now you know it.

Growing up has become harder today, with more insecurities and more accommodations and enabling’s of certain behaviors, most never realize themselves and learn to grow past it, with it, or through it. They just stay stuck.  So the same games are played, the same words are spoken the same way of being is had and the same fears remain.

Growing up does not mean, leaving all things down and walking in a stoic responsibility but it may mean what made you laugh then, is not so funny now. What made your heart skip a beat, only makes you raise an eyebrow. You may develop a calm where you were once a storm.

Time (not age)

Now that I am 50 I don’t feel any different, a couple of grays but I got thoe in my 40s, I think they started to appear with my stress. Age is a concept of mind to me you are what you feel. I am not a number, I do not represent a number, I represent the time and living, You may see my stress, my love my spirt and as “time” continues to present itself, I will gain insight and be an inspiration.

But as I get older, Its necessary for me to do one thing. Its necessary for the younger generation to view me well, not to revere me, but to respect the time. To know that not only will they age, but how nice it is to do so. To live and see the changes of life in not just yourself but in others. The gray hair, the wisdom upon the face, the moments of life and the clarity of mind.

That’s age, that’s getting older, that’s time. Not a number.

The Mindset

My dad use to call people who would not move out of their circumstances and stay stagnet financially and mentally “Broke minded” people People who could not see the forest beyond the trees. and they live in a box not moving.

In the Growth mindset, your talents are developed through your work, you strategize your next move, you live a day ahead and constantly reach for that ring in the sky. You will achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset

You see what is in front of you and your skills and talents take you up the mountain not just down the road. No matter how much time passes or how much you feel you have grown up, many do not have the growth mindset. It’s putting your skills into practice. It gives you a richer sense of who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to move forward.

The older I get my conversations with people mostly center around age, “too old for” “not old enough” “should I do it because…age?” blah blah. Growing up and Growing old are two of the most different and auspiciously wonderous and often challenging experiences in our humanity. Its a reflection of self, hearing and seeing my story in living color, often wishing I could change those I met. I hurt for me at times, and I am joyous at other times but overall I am grateful to have the ability to look back.   Growing should always be celebrated, the responsibilities, maturity, comprehension, accountabilities, the time, the hurt, the moves and the pauses.

I learned to be me, to accept me, I am goofy, and weird, sexy and dumb, loving and special. Haha but I am still the same me I just know Me better now.

  • A Capone Connection

    Great information and insight. I like what your father said about “broke people”. I read once that people say “time heals all wounds” but that is a bunch of crap because time doesn’t heal anything, rather it is what you DO in that time that can cause healing. Your post reminded me of that saying because it’s really not about your age, it’s what you do with each of your days that makes a difference. Thank you for sharing!

    • b50love

      You are very welcome and thank you so much for reading and yes Time is very relative. Some people have decades upon decades and never heal and never learn

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