When my mother passed away last week, like many I began to have thoughts of Death and Life and began my one many reflections. Reflecting decisions and moves that brought me to the point you I am at this moment, and  brings about the questions of my roles in my life.

An often fleeting thought, but your life begins to play in your mind like an old film full of “what if’s”and “could be’s” but I asked myself and now I ask you. Have you established a foundation for your family to follow? Have you identified yourself? Have held yourself accountable for the moves you have made in life?

Think of the word Legacy for a moment, you think of the end, not necessarily death but an end of a job, a house, a location, even a relationship. You wonder, have I shaped, or defined a path? have left a piece of me with someone that they will hold with them to other relationships, or have they forgotten?

 We all leave a legacy some where and with someone, but to establish a “reinvention” in yourself and others is a goal. If you are worried about establishing a history or establishing a change after your next chapter, then there is your beginning. You have to see where you have been, be ready for where you are going and thank god along the way.   When you are moving in a direction, you area already creating destinies for someone to follow and emulate. 

my mother pregnant with me

Leadership is one of our ultimately accountable actions that when done rightly it can reinvention, a system, an emotions and reinvent the process.  When you begin to reflect and move in your life in any respect whether it be in a career or in a relationship or overall growth, its important to understand sustainability. When you establish a business that in-and of itself, is the easy part, managing it is the hard part. Meeting someone is the easy part, working on growth of self and relationship is the hard part.  

Each move made and step taken will identify and can begin a foundation. Which will provides you with greater clarity and depth of thought to further improve and grow.

 Identify the you. 

Remember sach step taken is connected and you flows upward towards that better you, Know and be connected to who you are that is first and foremost. If you have not gotten to know you, then you have some work to do first. Reasoning? Because in business, how can you be an effective leader if you don’t know the you, your leadship style, your approach, you may be passive when you are naturally direct. Its same in anything, you may be taking baby steps on your path because it is socially acceptable when the real you wants to take risks and leaps and bounds.


Knowing of self establishes a foundation of your legacy . Its your mindset, in this case you need to know your goals. If speaking legacy, when you want to leave something behind, what is that peace of me that needs to be left with each job, or each person. That sameness you have. When you leave are you known for your kindness and your love, so that its emulated in your relationships or others. The Mindset should be that of not being Forgotten, establishing a footprint, making a dent. 

Responsibility and Accountability

Legacy building is about being mindful of the opportunity and the responsibility you have to serve your own others, just like leaving that special place in their heart. You  canonly set the tone and define what you expect for yourself and from others.  As such, you must be incredibly self-disciplined to hold yourself accountable, this is often hard, because you must be held not to just your standards but your way of being, you, and when on your path all hurt, pain, growth, is an accountable action. Who are you accountable to? Yourself, to your family, to GOD? Whomever, if you have a goal but you cant do the checks, you don’t have a reachable goal, someone is not checking your progress orbyou are not checking your progress then you may fail and not understand where you are on your path or where must stand to be redirected

Before my mother died I am blessed to have been on my path of self discovery because I was able to reflect tell her what I have learned and keep learning. Share my mindset and hold myself accountable and thank her for the journey. I made peace with her and made piece with a piece of myself.

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