Are you a Manager or Deputy in your life?

Are you a Manager or Deputy in your life?

In many work spaces, especially that of federal government  you have a Director/Manager and you have a Deputy. When decisions are made, they Director/Manager is the first line and in his absence his Deputy. Now of course the deputy has many of his/her own duties and responsibilities of overall they are the second in command, like any organization. 

Think about the roles of a Manager and Deputy and apply them to your current way of being. Your Life, love, finances, wellbeing…Are you managing them?, are you the first line of a solution or are you dependent on another’s view to before your move. 

Are you managing your life or are you second in command of it?  You want to move forward but feel unsure until you are told what to do and how to do it.  Of course, we are in the information age and you can gain insight on any subject from many sources, but,  I am talking about people who are caught in a relationship web with a significant person or persons in their life and they are not only affected but infected by their thoughts, their wants, their needs. You have heard who you are and what you are supposed to be so much that you have no idea where the “You” is. Your worthiness hinging on completed tasks, ideas, ways of being until your life reflects what they have envisioned for you.  You just can’t remember what you wanted because what they want has taken precedence. You have excelled at something you never wanted as they ride your coattails, proud that you have become everything they told you to be.

Who are you?

What do you want from your life? When you think about the things you want, what brings you a sense of joy, fun and freedom? That’s what you need to assess and work towards. Once you know what you want and why you want it, it’s time to find the resources needed. Life management resources are a real thing, you’ll be closer in maximizing your time and reaching your goals.

Let’s look at it like this, ok so you figured out you hate math, but you are a finance manager..huh!? well that’s what you family wanted and you grind every day to be the best darn financial Manager, but you absolutely hate it.  You always wanted to be an interior designer. So okay, you have figured out the “you” in this equation. Now what? Well that depends on you!!, the relationship and what you want in your wellbeing. See you have to have some idea of what moves would affect you. What stops you from being an interior designer, if we continue to use this scenario? Write it down:

Here a way to look at what you want:

Situations are temporary, you can work your way in them and out of them. Find the you, and what you want, sure it may sound simple because there are other factors such as, the reintroduction of you to your partner, friends and family that don’t understand what you want to do or who you want to be.  In some cases its modifying your existence with your partner and living a solid honest life, or you may have to begin a disconnection from those that hinder your path. No matter what you have to do, the beginning starts with finding you.   

Why make waves?

I used to love video games, especially the first-person shooter. I could navigate however I wanted, blast my enemy and have a ton of do overs until I got it right. I named my character, because I didn’t like the name it comes with. I dressed my character the way I wanted them to dress, didn’t like the original. I didn’t like following where they were supposed to go, I would always explore and do things the way I like to do them. So that the character was me!!! You get it????

If you are being pulled and pushed you have no idea where you are supposed to go. Till somebody moves the “Joystick” You may be content with that, but what a waste to the world on what you could be providing us. A singer, a dancer, a motivator, a leader or a healer. Why complain you ask? because we probably need you!!!

Reflect what you have been told, and path you are taking is it yours to take? Don’t be a passenger in your own life, take the Darn WHEEL!!!!!

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