The EVE of the Beginning

Today is Christmas eve, a day where we celebrate time off, where we arrive, visit and share time with loved ones. Its celebration of the birth of Jesus and getting ready to celebrate the beginning and the ending of a year.

I was walking into a shopping center and a fellow patron struck up a conversation with me and he said “I cannot wait till this is over, i hate the holidays.” I began to look around at all the disgruntled people, and I realize that this is what life looks like sometimes. We buy gifts with disdain, we look for discounts on love, we layaway happiness, and we pay for joy. We get so bogged down, beat up, and hung up on filling our own voids that we resort to desperate acts. We rob someone of their happiness, we steal joy, we buy comfort but cannot reciprocate. We stand in lines for a lover, we fight traffic for one night and we start a new year desensitized by our lives only to live it the same throughout the next year.

What you are really doing is cheapening yourself and you slashed the price on your self worth!!!. You need to budget your life today. I want this Christmas eve to be the “eve of your beginning.” If you gotta pay for it, then you may not need it. If you need to put it on layaway then maybe its not meant for you to have.

Your love, joy and happiness is so priceless. Don’t give it anybody and Don’t just take the scraps that are left on the table. Hold on, Be Still, your love your joy and your happiness is coming in the form of a blessing. You will know it because you didn’t go broke to get it!!! You will know it because it doesn’t hurt to touch it, and you will know it because it will come to you, you didn’t have to stand in a long line to wait for it.

Look in the mirror and see an amazing person, look at what you can and will do in 2020. Somebody is watching you today and saying “Wow” he/she is fantastic!!! You just need to believe it!!!


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