This BLACKOUT Matters

Blackout Tuesday

So I am a good 15 minutes away from Washington D.C. Everyday until about 11pm thereabouts, I hear helicopters, police sirens and ambulances. Lately I don’t know if I live in Montgomery County or in some post apocalyptic dystopia waiting on a superhero to commence the battle into a triumphant ending. But alas, this is the current state of things as protests and rioting continue over the death of George Floyd.

Music execs Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemang, deemed Tuesday, June 2 a day to pause all business and take a stand against the “racism and inequality that exists from the boardroom to the boulevard.” coupled with a website and information

From celebs:


to us regular folk:

Many people from social media and music platforms are joining.

We are at a tipping point in this crisis, especially with states slowly reopening, and still so many people out of work. The right person/leader/candidate with the right voice can move people in directions. What can be scary is what direction we are moving towards.

But, today I digress and save my thoughts for another day.

Today, in whatever way we can we stand together to say “no more” to injustice on a “human level” We are all Americans and no matter your beef with your neighbor, your disdain for another’s culture, your ignorance that repels you due to the color of skin. Our country, our government should see us all as “Americans” and should protect our basic humanity.

The walls, the bars, the guns and the guards can never encircle or hold down the idea of the people. -Huey P Newton

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