Our world is unhinged, BLM, ANTIFA,”I CAN’T BREATHE ” are phrases and new mantras for a another tumultuous period in our history. The political parading and posturing have become the fodder for social media, while ground warriors walk the world disrupting the very fabric of the veil that blinded our eyes.

It seems there is a season for all things. It can be a fleeting one, or can be moments infecting us with pain and knowledge with fear but hope and reflection to compare.

One such season occurred the summer of 1919. Coined “ Red Summer”. Due to the lynchings and violence against AfOne such season occurred the summer of 1919. Coined “ Red Summer”. Due to the lynchings and violence against African Americans across the country. Coupled with the Jim Crow era in full bloom, this violence was seen throughout several cities including Chicago and Washington, DC,


After WWI African American soldiers thought with their participation there would be peace. They were mistaken, as misinformation, lies to fuel white soldiers, a fear of black evolution became drivers in the murders of hundreds of African Americans, with the worst being in rural southern areas. Whites laid waste in black neighborhoods, stretched cables across the street to prevent fire trucks from arriving, and there was no police intervention.

African American soldiers fought back to avail. Throughout the cites, towns and farmlands. African Americans without any assistance violently and with a reprehensible viciousness lost family, friends, and property. Thousands of lives lost along with broken promises of peace after war.

The pain and degradation in reading about this is heart wrenching. But I suppose the worst is seeing where we are today as African Americans still fighting to be seen as human.

But there is a difference in our fight. As now the world does not just watch. They fight with us.

If you knew of the “Red Summer” or any other shock of African American persecutions is of no consequence, as new history is being made and some redemptions of that past is being waged.

You cannot shut your eyes to the past

Will Brown, victim of Omaha, Nebraska lynching (1)

But you can use it to fuel the future, redeem the wronged and fight with the knowledge that you are now a part of history that may finally bear the fruit of freedom

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