What is self actualization: the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents or potential. Not what is expected, one is realized.

We all speak and are guided by the expectations put on by ourselves, our parents, friends. We are given the speech of how our lives should be, how your companions, lovers, children shoud be. Unfortunately, when you walk expectation , always set yourself for disappointment, because expectations often are not realized 100 percent, and these can lead to the onset of many insecurities and self doubt.

Not Expectations, How about a goal

Keeping expectations sets you up for disappoint.  So you see yourself, as a millionaire . Okkkayyyy so what made you the money? If you cant answer that, there there is the beginning of your work.

Instead of an expectation, set a goal. Remember all those things that you said you wanted to be, why cant they be real, or at least close. Let these goals be based on what you expect. Think about your expectation for yourself, example: “after college you expect to get a job.”

Write it down, I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to write down your goals, dreams, visions Then realistically look what you need to achieve that goal

And Plan, Plan Plan. I know it is easier said than done, but you can negate the disappointment from an unrealized expectation into an acheiveable goal.

Self Perception,

Ifs important as you are setting goals based on your expectations, that you know how you want to be perceived. Perception is defined as a “mental impression.”  How do want people to see you?  My reputation means being perceived as what I strive to be, honest for the most part, Being a hard worker, etc. for the most part this is how I want to be perceived.

Perceptions can also be a form of planned behaviors, with that being said, might I pass on some minor exercises to unlock your personal identity

Perceptions should also coinside with your goals in life


One would ask how does Acceptance correlate, you may expect to be rich, or to be accepted by your peers or even by the ones you  try so hard to be “like” . But if your expectations are not based on a realistic or achieveable goal, again setting yourself up for failure.

You probably thought, I was goin with: “use expectations in order to be Accepted….. but uh..Nope!!!  I’m saying set achievable goals, period. Acceptance from your friends and your family is a given, if they know who the authentic you are, which is key. But don’t settle for the fake folks who are simply riding your coat tails because they know who you will become. Rise first, those with you will already be at the top, for the others Look down and wave.

The way you see yourself is a learned behavior over a period of time, and if programmed full of negativity, and insecurities that cycle needs to be broken. Only then, can you start of bit of reprogramming, and work on being yourself.

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