We are waiting for the trial to end, and for the public reactions to begin. Baited breath is how I describe my feelings. I find myself, as does the country, so uncertain. I remember being at work during the O.J Simpson trial.  sitting with my fellow black coworkers with our white counterparts on the other side. Although I was  youthfully vocal about our black convictions in the court room and America, there was an inner sadness. Because I saw white friends that seemed forced to side with their fellow white associates and I saw black people doing the same.  Wondering why we weren’t in a unit graciously agreeing to disagree.  But alas, we were faced with division decision.

Divide and conquer.

2020 and 2021 is full of division and togetherness. Black, white, brown have walked the streets, held hands and signs in solidarity, have defended the weak and conquered in strength. We are divided as Americans.

Looking in the eyes of a different ideology than the masses is becoming the sign of strength. Finding the wrong in the right and righting the wrongs that have been committed is what we have experienced as a nation.

Everyone is being called

Armchair or bullhorn, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a voice now. Everyone is speaking, arguing, fighting, crying together.  The non-parties, the non participants are in it, they move to the left or the right through the particulars now. We are one segregated voice of concern, unanimously frightened about our future and the future that is being created.

This is a revolutionary case, in that, it may set a precedent of things to come. A new black renaissance  period, perhaps? Barriers or Barbed wire in neighborhoods now? People realizing their privileges’ and having an awareness of systematic and institutionalism whilst rallying to keep it or make exclusive or elusive changes.

Now What?

It took the world to rally to get to this point, will this set a precedent for those the world cannot see? Can we walk safer now, will the dichotomy of the police breakdown or rise up. Will this cause those to hide and kill more with mantras now stuck in our psych, or will we save and restore more.

We don’t know, we may not ever know. The changes may be as swift as the pandemic spread across our nation and the normalcy of masks and fear became commonplace. We may see the changes, but not speak of the changes and we will follow suit per the powers of our states trickled down from facades of the masses, and the hand of the government.

But no matter what, this case laid bare our rawness and opened a door that can never be closed and I think in any sense the world needed the air.

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