Today, people  now make assumptions, true and sometimes false, about people who conspicuously display American flags. Depending how you fell in the political spectrum and/or how you view America you may be reluctant to wear or display the American Flag, or the celebration may wane a bit or  be amped up.

Last summer, the country’s long struggles erupted, with marches and thousands taking to the streets. Many identifying the American Flag, not as a symbol of freedom but as a symbol of their identity and race.  Many still see the U.S. flag as fairly simple and unifying the country when opposing foreign forces are of mention, yet alot of our citizens seem to be reassessing their place in this world in this country and what it truly means to be an American.

Not just putting your hand across your chest and reciting words you learned as a small child. But actually having a level of understanding of heritage, lineage and how their family has made it, survived and lived in America.  that means raising the Stars and Stripes along with a “Make American Great Again” banner or For others, the American flag is flying alongside a gay pride banner or Black Lives Matter sign.


Food trucks, live music and more are still  planned events for the July 4th no matter where you live. People will still get together with family and friends for events, But this will be a time where the conversation whilst playing cards are barbecue may be talking more about what people have done for the country or what the country has done for them.

In conversations there may be times of reflections of what this holiday “used” to represent and what we used celebrate. there may be also history lessons to children and a new meaning of pride.

But no matter how you celebrate, just do it safely and  Regardless of race or political persuasion, a lot of Americans still see the U.S. flag as a hopeful and beautiful symbol, it may have different meanings for different people. But in one way, shape or form there is still PRIDE.




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