End of An ERA: BYE 2020 Merry Xmas!!!

The beginning of the End, we hope Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to you and your family. We are streamlining towards the vaccine, the end of an era of woes, […]

Is it too soon?

Is the movie “Songbird” predictive programming? Sooooo.. We are in “CovidTimes” Staying indoors, living inside, becoming accustomed to coined phrases such as “Social Distancing” and having virtual happy hours, parties […]


Would you Date Someone who has a different political belief than you? If you consider yourself a liberal would you date a conservative? Better yet, what if you found out […]

Mental Health pulls no Punches

Its April 2017, Easter Sunday. What do we do, church then Easter eggs, this year rendered a nice day, we grilled out, which we often did if the sun peaked […]

Beyoncé’s “Black is King”: A defined journey of depth and beauty

If you have been listening to Beyoncé and her music for a while, if not always, you realize that she always has something to say stringing together her sounds to […]

Manifesting: World Defined

We are in a BrainBootcamp, we just keep marching to the cadence call of “Left, Left, Left” just cannot hear the “RIGHT”. So we are constantly going in circles instead […]

Money for Nothin: Universal Basic Income

The extra $600 Americans get in weekly unemployment benefits ends this month so it brings back a discussion that was put on the table amid the COVID-19 Pandemic to discuss […]

California Reparations Task Force Bill.

Whether you believe in the movement or not, Black Lives Matter has opened the flood gates and ushered in the “redpilled” America we are living in today. As the protests […]

BEYONCE: Putting Rhythm to our Heartbeats with BLACKPARADE

Beyonce has been speaking through her music for some time. While some may ridicule musicians when they speak out , musicians in many respects serve as our society’s conscience and […]

Martial Law of the Mind

Fear, worry, isolation, doubt has taken over the mantra of our minds these last few weeks. The news each day is not riddled with a quantum of diverse acts of […]


You can still enjoy veterans day and partake in some of the deals available in the DC Metro Area. Here’s a list of some of the deals this year: (Note: […]

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