End of An ERA: BYE 2020 Merry Xmas!!!


The beginning of the End, we hope

Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to you and your family. We are streamlining towards the vaccine, the end of an era of woes, fears, issues and problems. But if nothing else celebrate the end by celebrating the beginning. Let this holiday bring you joy and may all your wishes and dreams come true as we finally move to the New Year.

GOOD BYE 2020!!!!!



We are in a “Pandemic’ which means essentially its kinda affecting everyone. duh… Im not saying this to be facetious , but i need to bring home the point that across class systems, across party lines, hell across the damn street!!. The corona virus has halted the very fabric of our American society.

We are polarized and descenitized as a society, now as talks of the vaccine continue and we here about morderna, and Hydroxychloroquine the political undertones become exacerbating. as it further pushes America to the brink of diviceness agendas and palpating fear as our very lives are at stake. It is even more complicated when one realizes that vaccine-hesitancy can be found on the fringes, or even the mainstream, of the two major political parties in the United States.

Not surprisingly, after the election we began hearing news of a developed vaccine and distribution to the masses. I just wonder how cancer, the common cold couldn’t get a cure, but i digress.

The advent of this vaccine emphasizes the fact that any vaccine policy is political by nature. If you look at the history of vaccines from beginning to end, you have a medical intervention that has been proven effective, yet we begin a spiral of political issues which center around cost, who can take it, who should have it, who can afford it. It becomes the soapbox for all the new up and coming political pundits and rhetoric floating speaking of both making it easier and more difficult — depending on the situation — to have a fully-immunized public.

Personally, I am a little nervous to take something that came on the heels of an election and that is ready so quick to be distributed to people and children. Is this yet another political ploy, is this the beginning of virus driving world, where we begin the preventive measures that bring our humanity to a downfall.

Is it too soon?


Is the movie “Songbird” predictive programming?

Sooooo.. We are in “CovidTimes” Staying indoors, living inside, becoming accustomed to coined phrases such as “Social Distancing” and having virtual happy hours, parties and zoom calls. “As soon as this is over…” many begin their sentences, or “Cant wait till things open up” but we all know that this is the beginning of a darker time that this ahead of us.

Too much money has been spent on pandemic prevention, that its kinda hard to see city, states, goverment to go backwards. So its pretty assured that there will always be a “Covid Way of Being” With that said. Is it too soon for Micheal Bays “Songbird” Film?

What is it about?

By 2024, COVID-23….hmmm, has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of the pandemic. In the United States, people infected with the virus are taken from their homes against their will and forced into quarantine camps, where some fight back against the brutal restrictions and these camps, the infected are left to die or forcibly get better.

This begs the question is Michael Bay predicting the future of where the world is eventually going? Are we on the cusp of a dystopia that a “New World Order” is built on the backs of the weak and fragile and the “healthy” are those that are allowed to excel in life.

Coined “exploitation cinema” by some, we have to admit that this pandemic has ravaged and upheaved the world and continues to change our way of life and our psyche.

A Murder


an ode to the broken hearted

I want to tell you how I died,

How I walked oblivious into a traffic of lies and deceit, how I was used and abused till finally a sharp tongue sliced my throat and I lay bleeding with my spirit and faith seeping from my body.

I have died before, thinking there was a solid foundation of family and forever, but I slipped and fell on  pictures and prose that cracked the base and stole the  heart and mind of what I thought was secure. I remember falling into a dark abyss crawling, climbing, reaching and then finally there was a light to find my worthiness.

But I didn’t learn and I wasn’t secure, so  I was murdered. 

Before my death I fell to my knees “NOOOO!!!!” Like a child I whimpered “not again,  I don’t want to die again the pain was overwhelming, I am afraid I will not survive it”

As I tremble, I walked back into the abyss, and remain in the dark. This will be a long slumber, for my murderer took his time and dug in deep. He ripped part of my soul and broke a part of my faith and shattered pieces of my spirit. He threw them callously and scattered the bits like a coward, strown across the back of another unwanted soul he has tricked into his lair.

My murderer is free, he was not arrested, wasn’t held accountable. He walked away free. He is the devil, laughing at his luck slapping his tail to and fro.

He got away with a murder in broad daylight!

He laughs at my demise, laying with his minions feeding on my spirit and lapping up my faith with his foul mouth, taking pictures of my pain and as I cry, they laugh, as I whine they smile on their bed filled with rodents, piss and death.

The fools they are

They don’t realize that murderers are eventually convicted

The joke is on them, because  GOD sees this and GOD understands what must be done.

For they are GODLESS. If they knew GOD, then they would have known death. They would known that although my spirit died, that I maintained my faith.

GOD will lift me from this dark place and I will rise and be held tight as I walk through the storm

They will tremble at my awakening they will lose everything ad crumble beneath my light. They will fall to their knees with heaved chests, nightmares, broken spirits and pain engulfing their evil ways and devilish tricks.

Yes they have been convicted and their parole is prayer,

but alas…… the GODLESS do not know how to pray.

© 2020, All Rights Reserved ¦



Would you Date Someone who has a different political belief than you?

If you consider yourself a liberal would you date a conservative? Better yet, what if you found out your significant other changed their political beliefs, due to today’s climate, that conflict with yours?

Remember political science class? Studying or at least attempting to learn about politics and power those comparative perspectives. I know for me, this is when I really started to wake up to how our world was being run. In many cases, not very well lol. Since then, being politically active and politically knowledgable became an opening to an engaging conversation with a potential mate. But with the increasing polarization of politics at the national level, the social media mania, coupled with a myriad of fears, many find a need to keep that conversation away from the table.

As our world closed down, our minds opened up. It’s fantastic to see every American, learning and understanding rights, laws, and the powers of the government. But everyone may hear and see the same thing, but will interpret each event differently. Thus, it’s not unlikely you may have gone to bed with a Conservative and woke up with a Liberal

But is it a deal breaker?

Communication is always key and if this was not a conversation initially then there is no time like the present :0


It may not be just the beliefs, but actions or ways of being follow those beliefs. It’s important to understand someone a bit, before taking an invested leap. There should be nothing wrong with questions about Why? and What? to open up the floor to understanding the beliefs and the reasoning behind the other’s party affiliation. There may be some commonality that you would never think existed. Understanding the motivation, the mindset and how strongly they feel on certain issues.

Now I am definitely not a proponent of a long drawn out Q&A about politics when dating. Politics and Religion definitely will weed out to whom can be considered compatible. but depending on how passionate each person is, certain hot buttons can be triggered without having the opportunity to get to know each other.

Your Identity

In today’s political atmosphere, another byproduct is our identities. Wearing a hat, clothes, who you vote for is defining ones identity in many respects. Deemed antagonistic, or racist based on who you believe in, than what you believe.

This is not the way it should be, but it’s become the way it is. Liberal, Democratic, libertarian, Conservative, Republican, your party lines draw the distinction in love lines as well.

In dating, if the door is open and you walk into a political conversation, lead with what you believe, not who you believe in. if you must, this should be an open door to communication and open mindsets. Or you can simply ensure you are dating in those like minded circles.

My thoughts: Who wants to be an echo chamber all the time? In the words of my friend “NO GOOD”



There are differences and conflicts in life period especially in relationships. Maybe your political differences are your identity,possibly driven generationally or your stance is economically motivated while your partner is more environmentally conscious, and may have changed party affiliations based on world events. This does not mean that common ground can’t be found.

You can work together to “create” a balance of beliefs, healthy debates and conversation. Learning more about each other during each engagement, as this This may be the differences that make relationships “Great Again”


Another by-product of our political atmosphere is fear. Not just fear associated with the unknown, but fear in stating your political beliefs. Clothing, rhetoric, even simple conversation has erupted in expulsion from family and friends, loss of employment and many cases violence.

Communicating across party lines is essential, if we can’t come together as a people, how can we expect our nation

Although you may not tout what party you follow and who you believe in, your core values should lead the conversation. Be yourself!, you both may believe, comprehend and interpret our new world differently but at its core, is the humanity of it all. I would hope both people and parties have that as the number one agenda.


© 2020, All Rights Reserved ¦

Mental Health pulls no Punches


Its April 2017, Easter Sunday. What do we do, church then Easter eggs, this year rendered a nice day, we grilled out, which we often did if the sun peaked even a smidgeon.

This day was different, where in, the night prior I had a “Mother/Son” day. with four children its important for each to their time with Momma, with that it became a sort of tradition. With my son being the other boy, out of four children,of course this was always special.

We laughed, joked, walked, ate, saw movie (not all in that same order) but we had pretty good day. So why then, did Easter Sunday afternoon, did our home become filled with police, EMT’s and just a total Mess?

Because my son, attempted Suicide by slashing his wrists. Watching movies is nothing to the real thing, the copper smell in the air, the brownish colors of blood streaked along the floor, the undefinable moans and screams of your child, begging for the police to “Kill him” as they approached.

This was our Easter Sunday 2017.

After being committed twice, a series of medications, Doctors diagnosed him with Bipolar, more specifically Bipolar Type 1: Which is Defined as: A disorder which involves periods of severe mood episodes from mania to depression.

We went bed and awoke thrust into the jaws of Mental Illness, and were my eyes opened, not just to the illness, but to difficulty in finding information, sure logging on the internet is so easy, but you ask a question you get 10 answers. Insurance issues, financial issues, medication issues. but overall we were blessed with the right people at the right time. That continued to help from therapists, doctors, co workers, friends and with heavy and consistent prayer he is on the road to recovery.

There are still bumps, stumbles and problems back tracks and issues. but we have more awareness, and little bit more understanding and definitely more support.

I speak of my son, who is doing well now, but it’s important to know that #addiction and #mentalhealth effects everyone, the family, friends and all that you love or who loves you. Make sure you listen, learn and love.

Listen to what is being said, the issues the struggles and the hurt listen with your #heart . My son told me of his struggles, but I didn’t hear him. I learn all about what you are dealing with the more you know the more you can prepare for battle. Most importantly #love No matter how many slip ups no matter how hard and no matter how long you will never lose the love, it will only strengthen. “If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” 1 Corinthians 12:26

If you need help or find yourself in a Mental Health Crisis,

1.consult your doctor,

2.consult with a therapist

3. Do a lot of research on the diagnosis

4. Ensure good nutrition (well talk about this more indepth later)

5. Most importantly LOVE AND LISTEN and be ready to catch them when they fall, so they can stand back up and keep moving.

© 2020, All Rights Reserved ¦

Beyoncé’s “Black is King”: A defined journey of depth and beauty


If you have been listening to Beyoncé and her music for a while, if not always, you realize that she always has something to say stringing together her sounds to tell a story and giving us a glimpse at her depth.

Conscious in thought,  provoking in spirit, a beautiful and prideful piece of artful prose, mixed with melodic and transcending music that fit each scene.Beyonce’s work often embodies the world today,  mixed with strength joy and an unyielding sense of determination in what she writes.

How amazing that in 2020 we view so little in the terms of “positive” programming that feature a black cast that we are not seen in a light that does not encompass our death, dysfunction and pain. But the tide is turning.

With networks such as Disney plus opening more depth in its programming, exploring more in terms of culture and allowing people to share stories of the world, 2020 may be the start of a new beginning where we will representation of all us.

Beyonce’s woke work, embodies the opposites and celebrates the contrasts and she has successfully and artfully shown what she states is “the historical impact of slavery on black love, and what it has done to the black family, and black men and women.”

So join her on this journey with stunning visuals, that brings artists and others to the forefront for story telling and alot of love. “The ancestors never left you,” Beyoncé says in another voice-over. “You can’t wear a crown with your head down.”

© 2020, All Rights Reserved ¦

Manifesting: World Defined


We are in a BrainBootcamp, we just keep marching to the cadence call of “Left, Left, Left” just cannot hear the “RIGHT”. So we are constantly going in circles instead of moving forward. We create barriers for ourselves as we get older. “limitations” become a way of life, and we make “If” and “because” statements such as: “I can only go so far because….” “If I only had wealth, a good relationship,….things would be okay”.

“Wish I could, but I can’t” Wish I looked like or had,.”…yada yada

I guarantee that much of what you want, you truly don’t believe you can get. You attend conferences, read motivating books, watch social media, tv movies and the like, empowering yourself to be better, or get whatever you desire. But the two components you need is Your mind and your faith is the road to everything you ever wanted.What you dream is simply dreams, the love you desire is unreachable

 Remember the thing you thought you would never get? And now you are sitting, using, living, working, loving it today!!!

We watch and attend the latest and greatest seminars on the how to get, achieve, or just platoon “Be’, but here is the first part of the secret of achieving not only what you want, but seeing the roads open up to you as you walk on that path.

Shhh here is your secret:  “Change your brain!”


This world is chock full of negative crap, ugh. You can’t seem to wake without hearing the next horrible incident and it can get into your psych, expecting a bad day because of bad news.  So how are you to manifest or attract anything positive today. The Law of Attraction, the SECRET, and Manifesting all starts with your thoughts and putting your energy towards whatever you desire and bringing it into reality. Positive thoughts by the way, so Simply put, negative thoughts breed negative energy and thus can manifest negativity and negative things that happen as well.


An example: You might say you want to be rich well what does that look like? Define it!!! Rich is broad, maybe you want:

  • Have a enough money for your child’s college
  • Buy a new house
  • Help out family
  • Travel the world

It may be a matter of shifting and budgeting. It may be a matter of networking and learning a new skill. Because if I didn’t mention it before and if no one told you, sure you can attract goodness, but you must also couple it with action.

Questions should be asked

What do you want? What are you wishing for? What is it that you have put on the back burner and said “Ah, I will get to it one day” or “I wish I was able to achieve….” 

Define and streamline what you want to have happen and provide yourself with a time frame to achieve it, or achieve aspects of it.

  • In one year, I will have my book written
    • To achieve this I need to:
      • Know what I am writing about
      • Do I need to do research
      • Is there a market for what I am writing about
        • Do I care?

After you start jotting these things down you are actually working on your dream, project, idea!!! Believe or not you are beginning the action towards achieving what you desire.


Lets look at your everyday life, from the moment you wake you get back from a full day at work. What are your thoughts throughout the day? How did you feel today? Now sure many things happen to change your mood, but what was your overarching feeling.  Hating getting up? Disliking the traffic on the way to work? Facing your boss or coworker you don’t want to see?

This is why positive Affirmations should be the first thing you see and read in the morning. Because it trains the brain to think positive thoughts about yourself, wealth or way forward.

Start putting in some positive Affirmations about your project. Staying with the book idea: An Affirmation for you could be: I am working to create a masterpiece today and I will give an hour of love to it this afternoon. (note I used the terms “I am” and “I will”)

You have to remove negative ways of thinking and statements: Such as:

  • “I have limited resources”
  • “This is too hard”
  • “My family doesn’t support me.  .”

You have to let go of these disempowering beliefs.

What else?

Well if you don’t know, Manifestation it’s not just about thinking, its about action also. You need to think, in order to do an get things done!!. 

Trying to visualize your thoughts and feelings about whgat you want will then help you to feel more positive and motivated to make these changes a reality. This will then assist  you to take the action that you need that will ultimately, manifest your goals and dreams into reality.


So some of the basic things you may know, but never applied, or applied and didn’t believe or believed and didn’t know what to do after that. Create a board, lets look at it visually, making a vision board is so awesome and its inspiration to see what you want on paper, or on a board. Remember, don’t discount your vision, because they are powerful.

Anything that has come to you as a vision must be done, and any dream that stays with you is a message and must be told.  

Take a Picture of whatever it is, yourself of how you see yourself enjoying success, enjoying the feeling of great happiness.  Look for pictures of a book, of travel, of financial success. A business owner.Feel it, know it and believe it as you See it on a board, in living color, written on a piece of paper. .

Write down all the physical things that money would get you. Thinking that “being successful is great” just is not enough, you have to know it and see it.

  • Make a list, try to include as many things that you can think that fits the success you are looking for
  • list and find Pictures of you, articles, words of wisdom, people
  • Train your sight as you Train your mind

The basis of any process and tool, is to believe it will work to know that it can fix and assist on the project you are working on. This is the same wiTo believe that you can achieve, Know what you want and begin to achieve it.

Money for Nothin: Universal Basic Income


The extra $600 Americans get in weekly unemployment benefits ends this month so it brings back a discussion that was put on the table amid the COVID-19 Pandemic to discuss Universal Basic Income.

The idea is to provide everyone with a minimum living wage, whether they are employed or otherwise.

A vision of how this could work:

Every citizen would get an income from the government. Period. You don’t have to work, you just have to “Be” No real need to compete for jobs that offer the best income, now you could look for jobs that offer the best experience. Having the ability to focus on what you want to do instead of what you need to do. Not working two or three jobs to earn enough to live, but if you want to get a job to supplement the basic income you already have

In a Bloomberg interview, Andre Yang, the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, has voiced his opinion and pushed towards UBI as well as a more robust technological footprint, stating that we are “behind the technological curve” referencing privacy and the ability to track and trace people. hmmm

Could UBI be the saving of our future? or another Socialist agenda? This design could be bad or super awesome. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. In theory, if i understand this correctly, The government would adjust the basic income at a level to allow subsistence but to also encourage enterprising efforts.

In a crisis such as this, especially with so many people out of work It would be nice to believe that a universal basic income program would allow people to have a safety net. Think about the Stimulus check.

On the outside this seems fantastic, whether you needed it or not that 1200 Stimulus check was nice to see in the mail. For many it staved off creditors and fed you and your family. Others may have used it for fun and savings. Giving people the opportunity to discover new ideas, and new frontiers in media, programming, and creating innovation and allowing for an economic freedom…Right?

Universal basic income - Pros and cons - Economics Help

Some arguments against it are compared to getting handouts, no reform of the welfare system as the incentive to work, would dissipate and the entrepreneurial spirit would diminish.


Heard of the proposed A Freedom Budget for All Americans,” ? In “A Freedom Budget for All Americans,” originally published in 1967, King and other civil-rights leaders proposed basic welfare for all U.S. citizens. Make sure people have not only what they absolutely need, but a little more. The cost of such a program, King argued, would not have exceeded by much the costs of the ongoing war in Vietnam.

Well no matter what you believe, the dynamic to the American Society has changed and many respects, forever.

We are now the generations of the “Remember When” . The Gen Z’s, Gen X’ers, Boomers and alike, will one day say this phrase, ” I remember America when………………………………”

California Reparations Task Force Bill.


Whether you believe in the movement or not, Black Lives Matter has opened the flood gates and ushered in the “redpilled” America we are living in today. As the protests continues throughout the country, Leaders have had to reassess and review systemic practices of racism that have been prevalent for many years. California has taken a crucial first step.

What does that mean exactly?

A bill entitled the “B-3121 Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans” was created to study how reparations could be implemented statewide passed the California Assembly this week as Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S. force leaders to reckon with the country’s history of racism. 

The Bill states the following:

As a result of the historic and continued discrimination, African Americans continue to suffer debilitating economic, educational, and health hardships,…

It establishes:

  • An eight-member task force to study how reparations could be awarded and who would be eligible for them in an effort to address the wrongs of slavery in the U.S.
  • The bill still has to pass the State Senate and be signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom.
  • If the bill becomes law, California would be the first state to create an official task force studying the issue.

What has this done?

Well it opens the door for other states to create the same, it allows the country to review institutionalized racism as well as classism

Any step in the right direction is a step. We must as a nation, open the door to the hard conversations that we were afraid to have. Ask the questions that we didn’t want the answers to and allow each American to flourish.

BEYONCE: Putting Rhythm to our Heartbeats with BLACKPARADE

Beyonce dropped a new song BLACKPARADE in honor of Juneteenth.

Beyonce has been speaking through her music for some time. While some may ridicule musicians when they speak out , musicians in many respects serve as our society’s conscience and with these times of social and political upheaval, we need them more than ever to put fire in a movement, to wield and leverage their talents in order to shed light to not only social injustices, but put rhythm in the heartbeat of a people.

I think beyonce joins Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Public Enemy and the like to compose songs that speak truth to power.


I can’t remember actually sitting down and being taught about Juneteenth, I recall family coming over on the weekend and we would barbecue, there would be music and the occasional argument, but there wasn’t a moment where we all sat down and talked about Juneteenth.

As I got older I never questioned, I found out basic information but took advantage of the music, and food all the time still not knowing or even caring about what the day actually meant.

So dial it forward…..

I’m a mom!! Whoo hoo and when old enough she asks me, “Mom whats Juneteeth” I will not sit here and lie and say as a black person I finally knew… Nope, but what I did say was “lets look it up”

See with this world being so topsy turvy, this generation is full of “information” but we as humans cannot help but have tunnel vision and only look at what we know. If “twitter” “youtube” even “google” didn’t have it in the forefront, one could acutually miss a holiday, or key fact because the reliance is on what is being seen and fed to you, know what you are feeding yourself.

What is it?

On June 19, 1865, the Union army general Gordon Granger announced federal orders in the city of Galveston, Texas proclaiming that all slaves in Texas were now free.

Martial Law of the Mind


Fear, worry, isolation, doubt has taken over the mantra of our minds these last few weeks. The news each day is not riddled with a quantum of diverse acts of media’s pension for violence but instead a single focus on the world as the pandemic continues to flow, like an orgasmic river filled with fear. The number of deaths, quarantines, and curfews have opened a pandoras of emotions and mental gymnastics

Marshall Law of the Mind

Control, an overall force dictates your movements while normal functions are impeded. You can imprison your mind and begin to wallow in fear, as information begins to seep into your conciousness. It may also feel as though you are in a prison of negativity and fear, confining yourself to this current reality sentenced to limitations and reality driven pauses in your life.

The COVID-19 is giving birth to a new normal with new hashtags. Yet, its also causing many emotional gymnastics from excuses, worry, doubt, negativity, all under the umbrella of fear.


Information may seem bleak, but you can your mind to escape the cell you built for your self. You can:

Use the information as Motivation:

Take the information, the factual news reports and protect yourself and family. This may not be your “normal” but this new normal can be adapted to as a temporary, but catalyst to foster communication, gain further insight and begin to make any steps necessary to continue moving forward.

Use Encouragement as Support:

The views of people doing the most extradoinary things, sharing information, reading prose, following and listening to like minded people around the world is a virtual support system.

Keep motivating each other and most importantly remain honest not only to yourself, but to your circle of compadres. Let people know how you feel, and find a kindred spirit your fellow man.

Use Plans to Create:

When you build a new house, a building, correct an infrastructure. You need a plan. A blueprint to fow, making roads, paths, play areas and marking the hot spots.

As you plan for you and your family, these plans can foster new ideas. These ideas can be hobbies, or small businesses, a self educating or self healing. These plans, can open a door to someone you never knew could be such an asset to your life, or it could greatly change your brain so you can focus and create assets to showcase skills,

Most importantly the negativity is drowned out by the focus of your mind on something else, something good and a goal that you can measure and build.

Use Actions to WALK and RISE

As you plan, build and create during this pause and in our world. You begin to see the light break through that dark barrier in your mind. You will not only see progess of yourself, but a process for others to follow.


Planning, building, creating and everything else that is leading up to the betterment of you, is also part a Reflective and Restorative way of being. The ability to restore ones self from the brink of a lost existence is a feet that only few tread when walking towards your purpose.

But, when you do you will be restored in to a better, stronger and most importantly wiser you


Reflection will be required. I have always told my children the hardest thing for a person to do, is be alone with themselves.

Hard truths, accountablity, fear is a process step that many do not want to cross. But in your Reflection, may be your Redemption.

Reflection in ones life, is the ability to find the you in a sea of mirrored visions of another person’s failures projected onto you. You remember, the artist, entrepreneur, the dancer…. whom ever you were or whatever you did may have ventured out for a time and for whatever reason is unable to resurface.

To Reflect is to face yourself, not just your fears, but face the you in the mirror and understanding that only “you” have the ability to accept live in the past, or move on and know you are worth it.

You may have to contact someone, or you may have to forgive them or forgive yourself. Either way, you must reflect on where you are, where you were in order to know where you are going.

Laid Bare


We are waiting for the trial to end, and for the public reactions to begin. Baited breath is how I describe my feelings. I find myself, as does the country, so uncertain. I remember being at work during the O.J Simpson trial.  sitting with my fellow black coworkers with our white counterparts on the other side. Although I was  youthfully vocal about our black convictions in the court room and America, there was an inner sadness. Because I saw white friends that seemed forced to side with their fellow white associates and I saw black people doing the same.  Wondering why we weren’t in a unit graciously agreeing to disagree.  But alas, we were faced with division decision.

Divide and conquer.

2020 and 2021 is full of division and togetherness. Black, white, brown have walked the streets, held hands and signs in solidarity, have defended the weak and conquered in strength. We are divided as Americans.

Looking in the eyes of a different ideology than the masses is becoming the sign of strength. Finding the wrong in the right and righting the wrongs that have been committed is what we have experienced as a nation.

Everyone is being called

Armchair or bullhorn, it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a voice now. Everyone is speaking, arguing, fighting, crying together.  The non-parties, the non participants are in it, they move to the left or the right through the particulars now. We are one segregated voice of concern, unanimously frightened about our future and the future that is being created.

This is a revolutionary case, in that, it may set a precedent of things to come. A new black renaissance  period, perhaps? Barriers or Barbed wire in neighborhoods now? People realizing their privileges’ and having an awareness of systematic and institutionalism whilst rallying to keep it or make exclusive or elusive changes.

Now What?

It took the world to rally to get to this point, will this set a precedent for those the world cannot see? Can we walk safer now, will the dichotomy of the police breakdown or rise up. Will this cause those to hide and kill more with mantras now stuck in our psych, or will we save and restore more.

We don’t know, we may not ever know. The changes may be as swift as the pandemic spread across our nation and the normalcy of masks and fear became commonplace. We may see the changes, but not speak of the changes and we will follow suit per the powers of our states trickled down from facades of the masses, and the hand of the government.

But no matter what, this case laid bare our rawness and opened a door that can never be closed and I think in any sense the world needed the air.