Today we are faced with a collective bit of uncertainity. This climate further exaserbates thoughts of doubts and “if only” attitudes. “If only, i had time, money or love” Reflecting […]

Mental Health pulls no Punches

Its April 2017, Easter Sunday. What do we do, church then Easter eggs, this year rendered a nice day, we grilled out, which we often did if the sun peaked […]


What does your imagination look like? what does it smell like? Have you dreamed the impossible dream? What you see is what you will be!!. Wake up this morning a […]

BeyoncĂ©’s “Black is King”: A defined journey of depth and beauty

If you have been listening to BeyoncĂ© and her music for a while, if not always, you realize that she always has something to say stringing together her sounds to […]

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