Is it too soon?

Is the movie “Songbird” predictive programming?

Sooooo.. We are in “CovidTimes” Staying indoors, living inside, becoming accustomed to coined phrases such as “Social Distancing” and having virtual happy hours, parties and zoom calls. “As soon as this is over…” many begin their sentences, or “Cant wait till things open up” but we all know that this is the beginning of a darker time that this ahead of us.

Too much money has been spent on pandemic prevention, that its kinda hard to see city, states, goverment to go backwards. So its pretty assured that there will always be a “Covid Way of Being” With that said. Is it too soon for Micheal Bays “Songbird” Film?

What is it about?

By 2024, COVID-23….hmmm, has mutated and the world is in its fourth year of the pandemic. In the United States, people infected with the virus are taken from their homes against their will and forced into quarantine camps, where some fight back against the brutal restrictions and these camps, the infected are left to die or forcibly get better.

This begs the question is Michael Bay predicting the future of where the world is eventually going? Are we on the cusp of a dystopia that a “New World Order” is built on the backs of the weak and fragile and the “healthy” are those that are allowed to excel in life.

Coined “exploitation cinema” by some, we have to admit that this pandemic has ravaged and upheaved the world and continues to change our way of life and our psyche.

Binspired: Word this week is: Transition

What ever is going on in this world. Look to god and move to continue to transition and transform your life!!!!

Binspired: Self Preserve during telework

Inspiring Quotes 2019

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This quote resonates today more than ever, as we find the majority of people working from home.

The faceless dictator often arises without repercussions barking orders and overwhelming their people, with a barrage of emails. Instead of simple correspondence to check the state of matters and ensure their people are safe, well and can handle the work load.

What do you do when you are sent a billion emails a day and are overwhelmed?


Many believe that working from home is great and more relaxed. They can have maximum productivity and many bosses feel they can inundate their employees with even more duties and responsibilities. Many might feel overwhelmed by the number of changes, the many emails and the changes in their work life. So it is important to manage not just your expectations, but the expectations others have of you and give yourself understanding and forgiveness for what you cannot do.

Begin to navigate the transition smoothly, understand your limitations and create dedicated workspaces so you can walk away and break free from the computer.


Self preservation and the understanding of Self is crucial now and if people and bosses don’t understand this may cause an extra layer of anxiety.

Start your day and end your day on a schedule. Try not to be tempted to grab the computer, during your down time. You may find that day has gotten away from you and you have worked the entire day away without a break.


Managers and Directors may not take heed to the above quote but don’t be afraid to say, “Hey, I’m overwhelmed”, “lets set up a phone call”, or simply take a mental health day.

Being well, is not just staying home due to COVID-19, it also means being mentally balanced and maintaining a work life balance at all costs.


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