Redemption, Forgiveness and Restoration

In our darkest moments even the most faithful worship warrior may look to a person for their salvation and redemption. To be saved from our sins, saved from ourselves, our mistakes and saved from our failures. We reach out our hands to people who are friends, family, and companions to dive in and prevent the very things we were probably delivered from years ago but cannot seem to let go. When people have been the ones to drag you into your personal hell, then shouldn’t people help you out of it? One of the worst things I ever did was cry out to someone in a spiritual agony wanting to be saved, looking for the words to snap me out of my despair. Why was it the worst thing? Because I’m sure it frightened them, put them in a terrible position and ultimately they distanced themselves from  me.  

Redemption in the context of people can also mean buying back or repaying your debt for something . “How can I repay you for what I have done?”  In any sense, you cannot count on people, to be your savior  because they will fail you every time. Not on purpose, they don’t know how to save you, what to save you from and even if you are at a crucial salvation.  You can be shown  the direction to take, but you have to walk it. You can be told  who to call and how to call them but you have to pick up the phone. My point is,  as much as we want and wish that someone could save us from ourselves, or save us from being foolish we have to help ourselves. This may mean a lonely and fearful walk but you will come out stronger, because  now you will be provided the information needed on your triggers, and how to save and handle yourself.

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, in the storms your heart and soul may seem to  crack but it is aligning itself to allow your love to flow into a forgiveness of self 


When you seek forgiveness you must forgive yourself first. The worse part of our travels, our journeys is that many of us we cannot move on unless we try to shore up the holes we have opened along the way.  It can break you awaiting for someone to forgive you . Hoping that somehow a person that forgives you will close the wound and keep it from festering into gain green. Its freeing when you forgive and gain forgiveness Forgiveness gives you license to move forward, you may not get it from a person or have the ability to gain it, but you can always foregive yourself.  But gaining forgiveness is:. 

Forgiveness is allowing God To take care of it . Trust that GOD will see you through, that you gain the forgiveness from him and forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is learning What you don’t want to happen again, tolerate, or open yourself to. And this is also learning who you can trust

Forgiveness is not the same as reconciling. We can forgive someone even if we never can get along with him again. 

Forgiveness is a step it’s part of a process It may take time not only to forgive yourself but to understand and be free emotionally spiritually and physically You may need help or support. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Forgiveness cannot be rushed: Even In forgiveness of self pain comes with the territory, In today’s society everything is rushed, and with pain we want it gone quickly. But be mindful, you can mask wounds by not dealing with someone and believing by simply saying or gaining forgiveness We have completed a process. You truly have just begun and must have a healing process as you move forward.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It’s normal for memories to be triggered in the future. When thoughts of past hurts occur, it’s what we do with them that counts. When we find ourselves focusing on a past offense, we can learn to say, “Thank you, God, for this reminder of how important forgiveness is.” 

People will continue to hurt us through life. Or you may inadvertently hurt someone either way you can choose your route stay stuck or forgive and keep pushing whilst trusting GOD will see you through

I recently made amends with a family member and I didn’t realize how freeing it was and how important it was to receive forgiveness. I believe it was freeing for both us and it opened a new chapter in my life of freedom and to be restored. 


 How are you restored? Or like Peace, what does restoration look like? The new you? A new look on life? A new way of being, a new narrative? Whatever it is and how ever it is defined, Restoration has so many looks it can be faith and has more to do with whats within you than the outward you.

Restoration is knowing the real issues, understanding what needs to be restored. What was forgiven and what was broken that is being healed

Restoration is a healing process. It may take some time, As in forgiveness because in Restoration you are now open and waiting to be filled. And you are given the permission to become.

Understand that restoration or restoring the you. Is necessary as you move up and on to better things. It’s a mindset of newness and a new way of being.

It  Saving yourself through faith and strength, forgiving yourself and finally waking up to be the new you you always saw yourself being.


Everyone wants to tell you to get over the issues in your life. That there will come a time where the problems and pain are afterthoughts. The “Why” you keep screaming every night before you sleep, will be replaced with a person, a place a drink, a smoke and you will soon forget the “why” the “who” and you will carry on as if nothing happened.

But you can’t let that happen. As Steve Harvey so eloquently stated it is Fertilizer.

Its your dreams, your heart, your job, your money all in a large hole of your mind. It sticks there for a reason, because it needs the water of your purpose and the water of your desires and the water of your dreams. It needs to grow and its stagnate awaiting to be fed.

Someone or something may have thrown that “Dirt” in your face.

  • Your lack of money’
  • Your lack of a job
  • Your dreams
  • Your love

They throw it all in your face..

I say get your catchers mit, catch it all don’t dodge and as soon as you catch it, put it in the ground.

Water it with your dreams, desires, your passion, your purpose, your position and let GOD shine the light upon it and

watch it GROW.


Today’s society has dictated so much, we count, we measure, we label. The “you” has become the number of likes , loves, hearts that we receive. The many out weigh the few. Our manta’s becoming our definition of world that being defined by who we are. To Affirm is taking on a new meaning:


So what are Affirmations?

They are Mind tools, simply training your brain to react to the positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make a positive changes.

Some might consider affirmations to be unrealistic “wishful thinking” and i would counter that those statements are the very basis of doubt and fear. An Affirmation is more than just repeating a mantra, its a belief in oneself to achieve the possible and just strive for the impossible whilst keeping that brain fired up.


When you hear the term “Affirmation” you may simply think its looking in the mirror and repeating a phrase, its actually understanding Who you are, if you don’t feel great or think you look great have doubts of being great, then simply saying you are great may not be what you need.

Stand in a mirror and look at yourself and I mean really look at yourself, your smile, your hair, your face your nose. Who do you see? Look at all those pieces of you that make you the you YOU are!!!
It’s important to see yourself and all your beauty, those things that chink in the armor, those beautiful flaws.

The Inside

We often hide ourselves from ourselves. Sound crazy, but sit alone and reminisce over the past. We often only think of the good times and skip over what makes us sad, repel from the bad feelings. We quickly change our thoughts, as if you were switching to another Netflix movie, because its too hard to see.

You have to peel back the layers of yourself. What is the pain, what is root, what is the issue that you have worked through or are working on. When we surrender and remove the masks and are fully naked that’s when you begin to heal and recover. Hurt, loss, betrayal, death, violation… all of this dictates how we view our world and our relationships. It may show in our demeanor, your triggers, and the path that lead you through it.


Now that you see yourself in all your glory, its time to heal yourself and do some hard work . You know what you are bringing to the table, you know you from the inside/out. No one can hurt you with your truth. You stand in it everyday. If you need to seek therapy to work through particular issues that you have discovered, then definitely do that. If you need to make amends or forgive yourself and/or someone else for closure and a step towards your healing process, do that. Or, maybe you make a simple change, your wardrobe because you are not representing yourself the way you want to be viewed.

But whatever you discover, this is the basis to your mantra. You are who you say you are: Loved, Successful, winner, survivor.

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Manifesting: World Defined

We are in a BrainBootcamp, we just keep marching to the cadence call of “Left, Left, Left” just cannot hear the “RIGHT”. So we are constantly going in circles instead of moving forward. We create barriers for ourselves as we get older. “limitations” become a way of life, and we make “If” and “because” statements such as: “I can only go so far because….” “If I only had wealth, a good relationship,….things would be okay”.

“Wish I could, but I can’t” Wish I looked like or had,.”…yada yada

I guarantee that much of what you want, you truly don’t believe you can get. You attend conferences, read motivating books, watch social media, tv movies and the like, empowering yourself to be better, or get whatever you desire. But the two components you need is Your mind and your faith is the road to everything you ever wanted.What you dream is simply dreams, the love you desire is unreachable

 Remember the thing you thought you would never get? And now you are sitting, using, living, working, loving it today!!!

We watch and attend the latest and greatest seminars on the how to get, achieve, or just platoon “Be’, but here is the first part of the secret of achieving not only what you want, but seeing the roads open up to you as you walk on that path.

Shhh here is your secret:  “Change your brain!”


This world is chock full of negative crap, ugh. You can’t seem to wake without hearing the next horrible incident and it can get into your psych, expecting a bad day because of bad news.  So how are you to manifest or attract anything positive today. The Law of Attraction, the SECRET, and Manifesting all starts with your thoughts and putting your energy towards whatever you desire and bringing it into reality. Positive thoughts by the way, so Simply put, negative thoughts breed negative energy and thus can manifest negativity and negative things that happen as well.


An example: You might say you want to be rich well what does that look like? Define it!!! Rich is broad, maybe you want:

  • Have a enough money for your child’s college
  • Buy a new house
  • Help out family
  • Travel the world

It may be a matter of shifting and budgeting. It may be a matter of networking and learning a new skill. Because if I didn’t mention it before and if no one told you, sure you can attract goodness, but you must also couple it with action.

Questions should be asked

What do you want? What are you wishing for? What is it that you have put on the back burner and said “Ah, I will get to it one day” or “I wish I was able to achieve….” 

Define and streamline what you want to have happen and provide yourself with a time frame to achieve it, or achieve aspects of it.

  • In one year, I will have my book written
    • To achieve this I need to:
      • Know what I am writing about
      • Do I need to do research
      • Is there a market for what I am writing about
        • Do I care?

After you start jotting these things down you are actually working on your dream, project, idea!!! Believe or not you are beginning the action towards achieving what you desire.


Lets look at your everyday life, from the moment you wake you get back from a full day at work. What are your thoughts throughout the day? How did you feel today? Now sure many things happen to change your mood, but what was your overarching feeling.  Hating getting up? Disliking the traffic on the way to work? Facing your boss or coworker you don’t want to see?

This is why positive Affirmations should be the first thing you see and read in the morning. Because it trains the brain to think positive thoughts about yourself, wealth or way forward.

Start putting in some positive Affirmations about your project. Staying with the book idea: An Affirmation for you could be: I am working to create a masterpiece today and I will give an hour of love to it this afternoon. (note I used the terms “I am” and “I will”)

You have to remove negative ways of thinking and statements: Such as:

  • “I have limited resources”
  • “This is too hard”
  • “My family doesn’t support me.  .”

You have to let go of these disempowering beliefs.

What else?

Well if you don’t know, Manifestation it’s not just about thinking, its about action also. You need to think, in order to do an get things done!!. 

Trying to visualize your thoughts and feelings about whgat you want will then help you to feel more positive and motivated to make these changes a reality. This will then assist  you to take the action that you need that will ultimately, manifest your goals and dreams into reality.


So some of the basic things you may know, but never applied, or applied and didn’t believe or believed and didn’t know what to do after that. Create a board, lets look at it visually, making a vision board is so awesome and its inspiration to see what you want on paper, or on a board. Remember, don’t discount your vision, because they are powerful.

Anything that has come to you as a vision must be done, and any dream that stays with you is a message and must be told.  

Take a Picture of whatever it is, yourself of how you see yourself enjoying success, enjoying the feeling of great happiness.  Look for pictures of a book, of travel, of financial success. A business owner.Feel it, know it and believe it as you See it on a board, in living color, written on a piece of paper. .

Write down all the physical things that money would get you. Thinking that “being successful is great” just is not enough, you have to know it and see it.

  • Make a list, try to include as many things that you can think that fits the success you are looking for
  • list and find Pictures of you, articles, words of wisdom, people
  • Train your sight as you Train your mind

The basis of any process and tool, is to believe it will work to know that it can fix and assist on the project you are working on. This is the same wiTo believe that you can achieve, Know what you want and begin to achieve it.